Kids Moving Guide

So you're moving to a new home and a new place; you may hate the idea or you may be excited to try something new. Moving can be a difficult time, but remember you are not alone. There are many other kids, just like you, moving too. Over 10 million kids move each year to another, city, state or country.

You may be moving because your mom or dad got a new job, because your parents simply wanted a change of scenery or to be closer to loved ones. Whatever the reason, moving can be a big change in your life.

This is an exciting time, but can be scary as well. Youíll be in a new home, making new friends and going to a new school. Itís difficult to say good-bye to people you love, but there are fun people everywhere you go. Moving is really an adventure! This guide is filled with tips to help you prepare for your big move.

Before the Move

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Moving can be a difficult and confusing time. You may be feeling a lot of different emotions right now: sadness, anger, excitement and maybe fear. Remember that itís OK to feel these things.

Learn About Your New Home

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Prepare for your big move by learning as much as you can about the place youíre moving to. Itís easier for you to transition to your new home when you know more about it.


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Itís time to pack your things and it may seem overwhelming. But, itís easy when you take it step-by-step and stay organized. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to unpack.

Settling In

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Congratulations! Youíve made it to youíre new home.

Helping Kids Move

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