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Southwest Movers Association works in conjunction with Move For Hunger, a non-profit that partners with moving companies to pick up unwanted, unopened food during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks.



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We would like to thank all of our members who are already involved in the Move For Hunger program. By getting more movers to participate we can effectively bring relief to millions of Americans struggling to find their next meal. It is your support that will help drive our movers to make a difference in our nation’s hunger fight.

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Southwest Movers Association Helps Fight Hunger in Texas

Southwest Movers Association's (SMA) Executive Director John D. Esparza announced that the association's partnership with Move For Hunger turns one year old this month. Move For Hunger is a nationwide non-profit that partners with moving companies to pick up unwanted food during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks. Since joining forces with the Texas based moving association, SMA members alone have collected more than 23,622 pounds of food. That food donated to local food banks across the state is enough to provide more than 18,000 life-saving meals to struggling families throughout Texas.


"Through Move for Hunger, our members are improving the lives of Texas families," says SMA Executive Director John D. Esparza. "This program is an excellent way for SMA movers and their customers to assist struggling and hungry families in their own home town, one move at a time."


Moving gives families an opportunity to clean out their pantries. Participating movers in the Move for Hunger program are asking their customers to donate unopened, unwanted food items to help hungry families. Even the smallest donations make a difference. Every time movers go out on an estimate or perform a move, they leave behind a box for food items. Customers can pack the box, or their professional moving staff will pack it for them, and the mover will deliver the food to the local food bank, where it can be distributed to families in need.


According to Feeding America's latest hunger studies, one in six Americans struggles to find their next meal; 17 million children are in need. With one in seven Americans relocating every year, Move For Hunger has a huge opportunity to help fill our nation's food banks.


Move For Hunger is working with movers nationwide and in just the past two years has delivered more than 325,000 pounds of food. With the support of its partners such as Southwest Movers Association, Move For Hunger is turning the average food drive into one of the nation's largest, year-round service programs.


"If we as an association have helped just one family feed their children, we have improved the community around us," said Esparza. "This is a simple way to do something that directly impacts those in need and in turn provides a necessary public service."


To learn how to donate to Move For Hunger, visit